Launching Overall Fully Management Upgrade

    Feb. 2018, we start “lean production”scene improving coaching project, “lean production”is aiming at effective improving method of manufacturing-type enterprise, to promote production efficiency, to improve production environment, to get rid of bad quality. Through a year advance, the effect of the project is very prominent.

    Lean scene activity mainly reflect in optimal scene management level, optimal team construction, etc 2 aspects. Optimal scene management level contains red card fighting implementing, scene improving practice activity, carrying out fully self-inspection job, 6S maintaining management standard establishing, 6S activity monthly competition, excellent lightspot promotion implementing, etc 6 aspects. Optimal team construction contains lean scene Kanban management, class meeting operation deepening, team training management, group activity expansion, etc 4 aspects. 

    Through fully participation, great achievements of management upgrade project are quickly revealed. In the class meeting, the colleagues are full of spirit and energy, feeling refreshed, showing mien of the departments. All machines in the production workshop, material is put tidily, orderly production. The whole park is neat and clean, which realizes modernization management.



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