Quality assurance:
The quality of our products can withstand careful test because we know that details mean completeness.
Newwave controls the quality of products from the finest places;
Newwave knows that excellent quality should withstand the rigour checking;
So we: According to international quality system standard,
we have achieved complete and strict supervision from developing,
manufacturing, checking, management and packaging to ensure perfectquality of the products.

Modern management:
We can see far away because we understand how to stand high.
Outstanding presentation usually comes from high start-line in the concept.
Newwave people deeply know that standing high can let you see far;
Enterprise culture, core-concept, development and production, desire target.

Diathesis of the talents:

We are professional because we understand the trust you have given to us.
Professional skill, strict test, high-standard and real execution are the most basic diathesis of Newwave people.
Our professional requirement is nearly rigorous for you pursue perfection andhave given us trust.



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